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Web Survey

Results of our Web Surveys and Questionnaires

I. New Website

Is it obvious? You told us our old site was OK, but it could be more attractive and easier to navigate without losing any of its informative content. Your answers also yielded recommendations for improved website navigation, visitor engagement, and increased brand loyalty. We listened and we’ve spent the last eight months working to achieve those goals with the new site, http://www.NovAuroraOrganicSkinCare.com.

With the second survey we solicited your opinions on changing our packaging and new products.

II.  Preference for New NovAurora Products

The overwhelming preference was for an eye cream.  

When we designed our face care products, the goal was for a simple regimen that would work for all skin types, genders, ages, and all over the face. The Rejuvenating Face Cream was intended for around the eyes, all over the face, in the T-zone, and even on the lips. We feel it works GREAT for all those parts. Still, because people have said they’d like an eye cream, we will soon change the name of the product to Rejuvenating Face and Eye Cream. It really is as good or better than other eye creams for around the eyes. Because it’s unscented and very gentle, it may be used as close to the eyes as needed, with no stinging or burning. Haven't tried it yet around your eyesor on the crow's feet? Order this week and get 10% your entire order with this coupon code: SEPTEN .

One of our longest-standing and most loyal customers would very much like to see a facial spritzer. Maybe we’ll make one just for her.

  II. Packaging Preferences

The responses around packaging preferences were a surprise to us. We expected people to tell us that our high-end skin care deserves high-end packaging, thus showing a marked preference for glass jars. Although many people preferred glass jars, glass jars came in only slightly ahead of plastic jars. In the comments, people told us they found glass unsuitable for use at the bathroom sink or in the shower.

Although tubes seemed attractive, the respondents qualified that, saying they would prefer tubes only if they’re recyclable. They're not.

We are gratified to see that our customers are very practical and obviously pay more attention to the quality of the contents than the upscale attitude of a container.

We’ve looked long and hard at alternative packaging choices, but for now a change is not a high priority. Thank you for helping us reach this conclusion.

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