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Relief for Stiff Muscles and Joints

Stiff muscles, achy joints, headache, cramps... the unavoidable symptoms of body wear and tear, right? Wrong. Over 80% of the American population experiences back pain, joint pain, tendinitis, headaches or some form of chronic pain every day, but there are natural solutions for our physical soreness and stiffness. Rather than reaching for the ibuprofen once again, think about these alternatives that not only yield results, but can have long-term positive effects on your health as well.


Studies have shown that drinking more water improves a variety of troubles, from dull and itchy skin to digestive health. Also though, and frequently not thought of, drinking more water aides your overall muscle health. When the body is hydrated, your muscles will not cramp, and your joints and cells are lubricated. Not only does hydrating help prevent muscle and joint pain, but it speeds the healing process of muscles that are sprained, inflamed, stiff or even just tired. Over 70% of muscle is water, and the body itself is made up of 70% water. As a vital life component, it comes in second only to oxygen. Would you attempt not breathing for a few hours? No. So, drink water - a little bit at a time, throughout the day, every day for elevated energy, mood and overall well-being.


Stretching has been shown not only to ease muscle tightness and soreness, but prevent it as well. Gentle daily stretching also helps you to feel good in your body. It provides a greater ease of movement, range of motion, and general feeling of ease and flexibility that carries over into your daily life.


There are a few good products out there that are wonderful at easing muscle stiffness, soreness, headaches, cramps etc. For stiff muscles, an Epsom Salt bath can work wonders. Natural salts, Epsom salts actually draw the lactic acid out of your muscles and speed recovery. Another natural supplement that has been shown to ease and prevent aches, pains and strains is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). This supplement can be taken in pill form, or can be directly applied through a healing balm or salve. One such natural balm is Weekend Warrior Balm, an instantly soothing natural support for all aches, cramps, strains and pains. With the motto of "Undo what you do when you overdo," this natural balm is packed with ingredients that support free and natural movement in muscles and joints. Weekend Warrior Balm, created by the organic skincare company NovAurora, contains MSM along with a host of other nourishing and healing ingredients, such as aloe vera and super ionized water, to penetrate deep into your aching or stiff muscles and ease everything from menstrual cramps to bruises, headaches to lower back pain, joint aches to muscle overuse. It even relieves leg cramps.

Many people bear the pain of a stiff neck, sore feet or aching back needlessly, and Weekend Warrior Balm, along with rest, stretching, hydration and a healthy lifestyle, are positive tools that, when implemented, can lead to a pain-free and joyous life. There are other pain relief balms and products out there, but many are packed with ingredients that are toxic and detrimental to the rest of your body. Weekend Warrior Balm's ingredients are pure, organic, vegan, non-toxic, paraben-, gluten-, glycol- and sulfate-free, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have made a great investment in your overall health.

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