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Pilates instructor recommends Weekend Warrior Balm with MSM

Last week I met with Julie Johns, a certified Pilates Instructor with a private practice in Boulder, who sang the praises of NovAurora’s Weekend Warrior Balm for her clients, her elderly parents and herself. With her permission, I taped our conversation and wrote up her comments here to share with our readers:

"I started using the Weekend Warrior Balm about 5 years ago. It was recommended to me by Renee A., a massage therapist and one of my Pilates clients, who had used it on my mother during massages. I tried it and found that it worked really well for me. Over time I’ve recommended it to many, many people. Two of the people are my parents. My mother developed Parkinson’s Disease about 4 years ago, and consequently her legs really bothered her. She also had spinal issues, which could have been part of her problem, as well. Her legs bothered her all the time, so I recommended that she try the Weekend Warrior Balm and rub it on her legs. She felt a definite improvement. She started using it regularly. When I went home, I would massage it into her legs, and it would help her even more.

After my mother had been using it a while, my dad decided to try it. He’s a pretty amazing 88-year-old. The first issue he had was a hamstring. Along with icing, the Weekend Warrior Balm brought him needed relief. Then he used it on his wrist, where he had arthritis, and noticed a positive difference with that, and he also used it on his shoulder. He even took it to their massage therapist, who had noticed that my mother seemed to feel better during her massage and asked what the difference could be. She started using it, too, and really liked it.

I’ve also recommended the product to my (Pilates) clients. When I’m working with people in my studio, they’ll tell me how they have some stiffness, or soreness from sleeping in an awkward position or from repetitive movement. I pull out the Weekend Warrior Balm and have them put it on right then and there to free up their stiffness during the class. Lots of people have neck issues, things like that. One of my weak links is with my neck, so I use it on my neck. Also, with the work I do, I sometimes demonstrate things without having warmed up, so I’ll get some soreness, or I will tend to recruit certain areas in assisting people, or I stand off balance when I’m spotting them. So I use it for that.

There are so many things about the product that I really like. I really like the scent, which is so mild compared to so many products that have that menthol or camphor smell. This scent is very light and pleasant. I’ve found a little goes a long way. It melts right in and you don’t feel oily or greasy. I’m a big believer in it and recommend it highly to alleviate pain and stiffness."


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