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100% USDA Certified Organic Refined Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil. Cosmetic grade.

Jojoba Oil-128 fl oz. (1 gallon)

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Jojoba is a liquid wax ester, not actually an oil. It is very similar to the lipid layer of our skin, which is coated with sebum containing 25-30% liquid wax esters. Jojoba readily penetrates the lipid layer of the skin, improving its flexibility and elasticity. Jojoba is non-comedogenic and non-occlusive. It is a natural carrier of Vitamin E and a natural antioxidant. Some people say it is a mild sunblock.

We offer the finest cosmetic grade, certified organic, refined, expeller-pressed jojoba: it is colorless and odorless.

Learn about jojoba's many uses on our 'Learn About Skin Care' page.


Size: 128 fl oz.
Price: $126.00


As with all NovAurora Organic Skin Care products, a little goes a long way. Jojoba has many uses:

  1. Apply a few drops to rough, dry elbows, heels, or feet.
  2. Apply to skin just after showering (add a small amount to the hands and rub over the whole body before toweling-off).
  3. Rub into overworked hands.
  4. Massage gently onto baby's skin and scalp. Pay attention to those creases.
  5. Put a few drops in the hands and rub into just-washed hair before blowing dry.
  6. Use as a hot-oil treatment for damaged hair (then wash out).
  7. Massage into dry, irritated scalp; leave on for a while, then shampoo.
  8. Add one teaspoon to an 8-oz. bottle of commercial shampoo and wash as usual.
  9. Add 2 teaspoons to hot bathwater to soften the whole body.

Product Details

Made in: Peru
Size: 128 fl oz.
Organic ingredients: 100%
Packaging: Recyclable #2; no BPA
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Unscented
  • Free of parabens, glycols, sulfates and phthalates
  • No animal testing or animal ingredients
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