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Customer Testimonials Please write and let us know about your experience with our products (and our website). Although we hope your experience is always pleasant, we encourage your feedback on ways to improve along with your gracious compliments.

"Thank you to everyone who has written to us about their experiences with NovAurora products." Pam Lambert, Founder of NovAurora Organic Skin Care

Wow! I received samples @ the Anaheim tradeshow. The facial care products produce an immediate facelift effect for me. The Weekend Warrior Balm works so quickly - it is amazing! Melissa M., Simi Valley, CA

I emailed you about a week ago asking for some advice on my three-year old son's dry skin. You suggested the jojoba oil and giving him a tablespoon of flax oil a day. As soon as I read your email response, I ordered the jojoba. It arrived in a day or so (lightening fast!!!) and I went to a local health food store and bought organic flax oil. He takes the flax oil mixed in applesauce or yogurt and gives me no trouble about eating it. And he loves the "massage" he gets after his bath every night.

I wanted to let you know that it has been about a week and the results are unbelievable. He finally has soft, smooth skin like a child should have. I love when he cuddles with me and I can rub his back and it is soft and touchable. Thank you for your advice and for your quality products that really deliver the results you say they do. I am amazed at the results with his skin however I am not surprised. Your products are wonderful. I am just mad at myself for not contacting you sooner! You are such a blessing and you are greatly appreciated. Thank you again. Andrea L., New Castle, PA

Novaurora's cleanser and jojoba oil for my baby! How could anyone use anything else on their children? Novaurora's products are ALL I use and ever have used on my little lady (who is nearly a year old). I rub the organic jojoba oil on her bottom after every diaper change, and credit the fact that she has NEVER had diaper rash to the purity, quality, and effectiveness of this oil.

Additionally, we use Novaurora's soap free cleanser for her bathtime as both a body wash and a shampoo. Her skin is never dried out (and we live in the dry climate of Colorado), and she has never complained about it getting in her eyes. I have religiously read labels on other bath and body products for children and am astonished that most companies have the guts to include potentially harmful (and proven harmful) ingredients on the things we buy to put on our children's tender skin. I trust Novaurora's products with my heart, which is why I trust them to the thing most dear to my heart, my baby. Lisa M., Petaluma

Keep up the wonderful work. I hope your products are around forever. My teenage son's acne has cleared up and staying clear. And my skin feels healthy and alive. Thank you....I deeply appreciate your work and that you enlighten others about true skin health. Diana N., Santa Clara, CA

Hey, I have to place an order....my seventeen year old loves your skin care! She has run out and is breaking out terribly...and I'm in the doghouse for not ordering sooner! Susan R., Mason City, IA

My [teenage] son's skin is already much better since he is using Novaurora products. I need to get some more from you. He is happy with it. JB, Boulder, CO

After ten days of using your Teen Care Set, my teenage daughter has no pimples at all. This is wonderful! Terry W., Glenwood, IL

Having tried so many different skin care systems and products over the years, I was skeptical about any new skin care product. I started using the Soap Free Cleanser and the Toning and Repairing Lotion every day twice a day, and my skin not only cleared up, but I started getting compliments about the glow and radiance of my face! This stuff definitely works many levels below "skin deep." Nita, Santa Monica, CA

I really love your products. I have been using them for a month now. It is the only skin care line that works for my rosacea/sensitive skin. I have used just about everything from Cetaphil to Kinerase. This is truly a wonderful line and at a GREAT price. The soap-free cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft, the Repairing & Toning Lotion is great for any bumps (I noticed clarity overnight), and the jojoba oil is better then coconut oil as a moisturizer/protector for my skin. The added bonus is that the products are organic and the ingredients are clearly listed with percentage. No hidden ingredients here or words you don't understand. Christina, Kentucky Native, Now Los Angeles Resident

I have had rosacea for years and combination oily and dry skin for most of my life. After a few weeks of using the line, I noticed a marked difference in my "rosy" cheeks: the rosacea was notably minimized and has continued to be so after using this fantastic vegan line for over 6 months. Lisa S., Boulder

I'm convinced the Weekend Warrior Balm is helping my fibromyalgia. Terry, Chicago

Fall 2009 at a Women's Expo in Colorado Springs, a mother and adult daughter with fibromyalgia came to my booth and tried out the Weekend Warrior Balm. Within about ten minutes they both reported substantial relief. After about an hour they were still feeling better and returned to the booth to buy three bottles of Weekend Warrior Balm. Told by Pam Lambert

R. is marveling at his "painless feet" now that he is using your Weekend Warrior Balm. The stuff is amazing! Tanina, Boulder, CO

I am 46 years old and suffer from osteoarthritis in nearly all my joints. The Weekend Warrior Balm you sent is amazing. I am so thrilled to find a product that works this well. Debby, Ewa Beach, HI

I have been using the Weekend Warrior Balm on my arthritic knees, and it helps! You are on to something good! Kay, Boulder, CO

Ever since my company's pre-holiday rush, I've been achey and stiff. Then I remembered your Weekend Warrior Balm and that I was to apply it right out of the shower. I've used it every day this week, and the aches and pains are completely gone. Many thanks! Arron Mansika, Boulder's Best Organics

I used the Weekend Warrior on my sore legs last night and the difference is really amazing! I am a fan for a life! Leigh G., Boulder, CO

I wanted to contact you about a sample of Weekend Warrior that I got at a NATRC competitive trail ride. The stuff is great. I used it after a ride and it really helped with the soreness! Deirdre

I bought some Weekend Warrior Balm last year and want to tell you how highly I think of this product. I am a 61 year old avid cyclist and use WWB for a variety of issues related to that particular activity and it has never failed me - not once. Paul, Oakland, CA

I ran the London Marathon last week, my first marathon, and finished with a good time. The only problem was that the next day I couldn’t bend my left knee—until I let my mom massage the Weekend Warrior Balm into it. Within ten minutes I could move it freely again, and my recovery has been speedier than I ever expected. NJ, Los Angeles, CA

I use a walker, and my arm muscles are sore all the time. Your Weekend Warrior Balm is absolutely a miracle drug for me. I’ve tried all the things in the stores and they don’t do a thing. Yours does! Betty, Memphis, TN

I’ve been using the Weekend Warrior Balm in my practice for about two years with wonderful results. The muscles release in half the time now. My clients are buying the Balm for home use. I can’t keep it on the shelf. Marnie, Trigger Point Myotherapist, Boulder, CO

Just wanted you to know that I’m using the Weekend Warrior Balm with my deep tissue massages and I have found that it helps the muscles to relax and makes my work a lot easier. It also helps my aging mother, who has chronic pain. Renee, Massage Therapist, Boulder, CO

Last week I bought some Weekend Warrior Balm at the Hometown Fair. I shared it with my neighbor, who was just about to return to the doctor for another cortisone shot in his shoulder. He used the Balm for two days, and it helped so much he cancelled his shot. I'm going to share this with all my friends. Thank you! Grace G., Boulder, CO

I’m over 80 and have terrific shoulder pain. When I apply Novaurora Weekend Warrior Balm with MSM, the pain subsides for a few hours and gives me welcome relief. Thank you! Juanita, Fairlawn, OH

I bike 40 miles/day, giving about 12,000 miles/year. My shoulders get sore from so much riding, especially in cold weather. I have been using the Weekend Warrior Balm with MSM for about a year with great success. I use one application/day when it is cold and on every other day when warm to eliminate any soreness. The other pain relieving gels I have used did not work nearly as well as this has. My wife also appreciates that it does not smell. Joe D., Boulder, CO

I've been rubbing my belly with the Weekend Warrior Balm when I have menstrual cramps, and it really helps! Jamie, Boulder, CO

The other night I had a calf cramping episode and awoke and put on the cream [Novaurora Weekend Warrior Balm with MSM], which I’d been keeping at my bedside. My muscles released and I didn’t have the pain of overworked muscles that I usually have after cramping. It was amazing! Shannon, San Francisco, CA

Thank you, Shannon, for that info. I used it on my calf cramps, and they released right away. PAM

A few nights ago I stubbed my toe hard. It may be broken; it was black and blue and VERY painful until I rubbed the Weekend Warrior Balm on it. I was amazed at how it took the pain away! It was completely gone after 24 hours and hasn’t come back. Even the bruising is gone. I was a skeptic, but now I’m a believer! Mike, Boulder, CO

Hi, when I showed up at INATS 2005 in Denver my left arm was badly bruised due to an accident a few days previous. Dr. Lambert saw the bruise and applied the Warriors Balm each day as I came by her booth and sent me home with a small sample as well. The bruising immediately started to dissipate and the pain was toned down substantially. The product works! Vince, Aura Magazine

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