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About NovAurora Natural Skin Care

Founded in 2000 by Pamela Lambert in Boulder, NovAurora Natural Skin Care makes skin care products with pure, natural, botanical, Earth- and body-friendly ingredients that promote skin health and beauty through cellular regeneration.

We sell worldwide online, and in select retail stores in the Rocky Mountain region in the US.

Our products are:

  • Free of toxins and endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs)
  • Vegan
  • Unscented and fragrance-free
  • Gluten-free, and appropriate for sufferers of celiac disease
  • Never tested on animals (Pam's Labrador Retriever, Annie, has eaten a few of them, with no ill effects. We call that our Lab test.)

Our people are:

Pam Lambert Founder and Owner of NovAurora. She likes to call herself Chief Organic Officer (COO). We let her think she holds everything together and runs the show. She knows she couldn't do it without the rest of us (listed alphabetically, not hierarchically):

Pam Lambert

Pam hasn't always been an entrepreneur. She has had trouble sticking to one profession for more than 10 or 15 years. She has a Ph.D. in linguistics, speaks a few languages, and taught at the University of Colorado for more than a few years; she was a stockbroker and VP at a major brokerage firm back before women were in that business; she was development director of Shining Mountain Waldorf School for over a decade of successful growth; and she's an accomplished potter.

Now she heads up NovAurora, oversees its operations, and envisions its growth into the future.

Billie Bragg: Accounting Wizard

Billie Bragg

Owner of Financial Tools, supporting Colorado business owners across the Front Range in every financial aspect for over 25 years, Billie keeps track of every last penny and never loses her cool, except when Pam gives away too much product and doesn't log it out of inventory.

Mike Mickley: Water and Quality Control Guru, Magnanimous Supporter

Mike Mickley

Mike is an internationally acclaimed expert in drinking water and wastewater treatment, desalination, brine management, and membrane concentrate disposal. He's also been married to Pam Lambert for forty years—quite an accomplishment!

Learn more about Mike and his company, Mickley and Associates.

Mary Sweet: Graphic Designer Extraordinaire

Mary Sweet

Mary has been Pam's guardian angel for twenty years, helping her behind the scenes to create beautiful, engaging publications out of plain black and white words. Now she creates all the NovAurora ads, brochures, labels, and printed materials. While Mary’s creativity is strong and her creations are powerful, she speaks softly and never gets ruffled by short deadlines or too many revisions.

You can reach her at msweet@boulder.net.

Why I Founded NovAurora (by Pam Lambert)

In 1969 I moved to arid Boulder, Colorado from humid and overcast Ohio. I loved the wonderful, sunny Colorado days so much that for thirty years I skied, cycled, ran, played tennis, and gardened, with little attention to my skin. Then one time, when my sister (older by 18 months) was visiting from the east coast, I noticed a dramatic difference between my own skin and hers. I had been using organic, natural, and biodynamic skin care products for years, but Pat, who hadn't lived with the beautiful year-round sunshine, had baby-soft, unwrinkled skin and looked ten years younger.

What a wake-up call! An experienced researcher, I devoted myself to learning about skin care. I knew I wanted “natural” and “organic,” because that was the way my husband and I had raised our children. But the products I had used made no claims for anti-aging, while standard products that claimed to reduce wrinkles were filled with ingredients I learned were potentially toxic. A lightbulb went off: Surely I wasn't alone in seeking natural, organic, non-toxic products that would regenerate skin on the cellular level. There must be a market for this!

I was fortunate to find Benjamin Fuchs, pharmacist, nutritionist, herbalist, cosmetic chemist, and founder of Rocky Mountain Natural Laboratories in Boulder. Together we combined Ben's expertise in creating treatments that promote healthy, beautiful skin by simultaneous stimulation and nourishment, with my research into environmental and personal care toxins and insistence on natural, organic ingredients, and my husband, Mike Mickley's work with the structured water, Ayterion Agua™, to create NovAurora Natural products.

Our vision is:

To bring health to our customers through products made with pure, botanical, body-friendly ingredients—organically grown where available—that allow the skin to breathe and stimulate the body to produce its own life-giving nutrients, all the while doing no harm to the earth or other living beings.

Why organic ingredients?

NovAurora products contain primarily (percentage by weight) certified organic, plant-based ingredients. Plants grown without synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides are safer for your skin and healthier for your body. organic agriculture enhances the soil, conserves water, and reduces environmental impacts, making the Earth healthier for all her creatures.

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