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Natural skin care from pure, non-toxic botanicals

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I am 35 years old and have suffered from very oily, acneic skin since I hit puberty. While I don't believe that any skin care product out there can completely 'fix' acne, I am more impressed with your products than I have ever been with any other products out there (and believe me, I've tried almost all of them, including the very expensive Yon Ka and Dermalogica lines).

Your cleanser, toner, and face cream leave my skin soft, velvety, less oily, and without the irritation I have experienced with other products. This is especially important since I use a prescription topical acne medication which makes my skin quite sensitive. Many other 'natural' products are either too stripping and leave my skin over-dry and irritated, too oily, or ineffective. I am definitely a Novaurora convert and will recommend it to my friends. Gillian D., Longmont, CO


Thank you so much. I love your products and it's a pleasure to do business with you. Betty A., Hopewell, VA


I love your products... Novey M., Santa Rosa, CA


I really enjoy your products! Thank you. Peggy C., Gaithersburg, MD


I am so happy when I use Novaurora. I see myself turning into the woman on your web page. It has changed my skin dramatically and improved my confidence. One of the skin care buyers at Vitamin Cottage told me that I have no discoloration at all, but before I did. Debora B, Lakewood, CO


I would like to say that I LOVE your products. I have never written to a company to relay such sentiment; however, I really, really love the products I have tried. I am a 5 year cancer survivor, and since I had cancer, I am very careful about what I put on my face/body. I have tried more products than you can imagine and yours is by far the absolute best. Kristi W., Tempe, AZ


Your effective, well priced products have helped me to not have to do without after over-spending on [competitor brand]. Betty B., Longmont, CO


I met you at the Co-op in Boulder. My husband drug me over to where you had set up and I was not in any pain so I really didn't need the Weekend Warrior MSM formula that you had available .....BUT....you did give me some samples of your skin care protocol and I told you that I would try them out. Believe me....I was skeptical, because of the hundreds of products out there in the marketplace. Well, I am so glad that I took the samples and tried them, because this is the greatest skin care products I have ever tried in my 57 years.

I don't know what you did to get this formula ... but WOW. My skin feels like a piece of silk, and I can really tell the difference in my skin texture. I never want to be without this product. (If I have the choice between electricity and your skin care products.... electricity will have to go!) I don't even need to wear makeup (except for a few touches here and there) because my skin looks so good. Jeanette D., Cody, WY


Wow! I received samples @ the Anaheim tradeshow. The facial care products produce an immediate facelift effect for me. The Weekend Warrior Balm works so quickly - it is amazing! Melissa M., Simi Valley, CA


Our natural skin care products for women, men, teens and even babies regenerate your skin at the cellular level. Without toxins, animal products or animal testing, our products maintain and enhance your skin's natural good health for your lifetime.

Give us two weeks. Your skin will be dramatically improved,
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Some of our best selling products:

  1. Rejuvenating Face and Eye Cream

    Enriched with spilanthes acmella for unparalleled wrinkle reduction, NovAurora Rejuvenating Face and Eye  Crea ... learn more

    Size: 2 oz.
    Price: $36.85
  2. Lotion Potion for Hand and Body

    New name; same wonderful product.

    Are you looking for a hand & body lotion that soaks right in, isn't gre ... learn more

    Size: 8 fl oz.
    Price: $14.50
  3. Face Care Set

    This set of the three NovAurora Organic face care products brings you optimum cellular regeneration: Soap-Free ... learn more

    Size: 2 - 4 fl. oz.
    Price: $76.00
  4. Repairing & Toning Lotion

    This nourishing serum stimulates healing and regenerates cell growth while toning and firming. Great for acne, burn ... learn more

    Size: 2 fl oz.
    Price: $15.95
  5. Weekend Warrior Balm with MSM

    Penetrates to undo what you do when you overdo!

    MSM promotes free movement in muscles and joints. This liquid ... learn more

    Size: 2 fl oz.
    Price: $11.55
  6. Soap-Free Cleanser and Skin Smoother

    Feel the tingle! This gentle cleanser with certified organic aloe, beta-glucan, jojoba "scrubby beads," konjac gluc ... learn more

    Size: 4 fl oz.
    Price: $24.75
Since 2011 NovAurora has planted 175 trees with The Nature Conservancy's Plant-a-Billion program. Thank you to all who've helped us support this important project!

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